Luce LETARTRE Research Centre: 40 people, 1000 sq m dedicated to Research!


Since 2010, our laboratories are grouped together in our new 1000 sq m Research Centre on the Sainghin-en-Mélantois site.

NOur multi-disciplinary team study and resolve specific problems, such as quantification of active ingredients, corrosion, material compatibility, antimicrobial effectiveness on field strains and critical surfaces, trace analysis, etc.


Formulation and analytical chemistry, and Related Services

We formulate offers that are unique and innovative in terms of antimicrobial effectiveness, ingredient traceability, trace analysis before or after rinsing or in complex matrices, visual or olfactory presentation…

Our laboratory also supports our customers in the evaluation of product/material compatibility to ensure the integrity of equipment cleaned using our products.



We evaluate the antimicrobial effectiveness of our products during development by the current official methods and according to the rules and procedures of the COFRAC*, AFNOR**, or CEN***.

We make performance measurements every day on the micro-organisms sent by our customers.

*AFNOR: French Standards Organization
**C.E.N.: European Standardization Committee
*** COFRAC: French Accreditation Committee

We conduct extensive research in cooperation with experts from leading research centres, such as Institut Pasteur of Lille, CNRS, INRA, as well as with many French and foreign universities.


Regulatory Affairs Department

Our Regulatory Affairs Department registers the products in the various countries and takes care of compliance of Laboratoires Anios’ formulations with the Reach and Biocides Regulations and Directives.